New look, continued quality.

At CLEO, high-level design and function are in our DNA. Continuously creating, we've discovered an element to expand our furniture line while staying true to our values.

Say hello to our laminate woodgrains, 10 beautiful and unique options for door and drawer fronts. 


Laminate is known to be an ideal finish for commercial furniture. Durable, resistant, and hygienic, it is the perfect option for office cafés and collaborative spaces. Long time fans of the product, we were eager to see what more it had to offer and began a search to expand our selections. 

We fell in love with a collection of woodgrain laminates created by Egger. These finishes can be used on our door or drawer fronts, adding a splash of color and contrast. With refined textures and wood grain patterns, they bring a new dimension to the classic silhouettes of our furniture line.


New look, continued quality.